Bottoms Up Homebrew Supply – Seaside CA

Bottoms Up Homebrew Supply is your Monterey Bay area local beer and wine making shop. Bottoms Up offers everything from fresh hops, grains, malt, yeast, beer making kits, kegging systems and more and is a full service homebrew supply store. Visit our retail store in Seaside, CA for all your homebrewing needs and connect with other beer and wine makers in the area.

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Brewing beer at home can be fun, challenging and a good way learn more about a drink we all know and love – beer. Our shop welcomes people at all experience levels who are interested in homebrewing. Novice brewers looking to ask questions and learn more are as welcome as veteran brewers looking to get fresh ingredients and other equipment.

A variety of fresh grains, hops and yeast are available for those looking to put their own recipes together. A number of complete beer recipe kits are also available along with all the equipment you need to get started brewing. Bottoms up also has everything you need when it comes to bottling or kegging your finished beer.

Forget driving up to Santa Cruz or San Francisco or ordering your ingredients online days in advance only to hope things are fresh and nothing was left out of your order. Come down to your local Monterey Bay homebrew supply shop for all your beer and wine making ingredients. We also offer classes on different aspects of brewing as well as craft beer and brewing related events in the area.

The four main ingredients in beer:


Malted barley is the base ingredient in most beers. There are different varieties of malted barley that contribute different characteristics to each beer. Different combinations of malt are used to create different styles of beer. For instance, porters and stouts will use darker malts that will give the finished beer a dark color as opposed to lighter beers such as a pale ale or pilsner. Malt can come in the form of grain, liquid and dried malt extract.


Flowers from the hops plant (humulus lupulus) are used as both a bittering agent and preservative when making beer. Just like malt, there are different varieties of hops that each have their own flavor characteristics. They are available in pellet, plug and whole leaf form and help offset the sweetness of the malt.


This is really the magic element in making beer. Yeast is an organism that converts the sugars from the malt into alcohol, resulting in beer. Different strains of yeast are used in different styles of beer and just like malt and hops, there are a variety of types available in both dry and liquid form. Temperature regulation is also an important factor for yeast to do its job.


This might be the most important ingredient in beer and all beer is mostly water. Different regions have different minerals and other characteristics in water, and all of this impacts how beer turns out. Proper PH is also important