Southern Cross: New Zealand Pale Ale

If you’re a hophead like me, chances are you’ve had beers containing New Zealand hops in some fashion. This beer takes a classic hop-forward American Pale Ale recipe and uses exclusively New Zealand hops, and the result is equally distinct and delicious! I find them to lend a unique blend of citrus and tropical fruit, […]

Seasonal Brewing, Make the most of the Seasons

The idea of seasonal brewing and beers is as old as brewing itself. Many famous brewing regions produced beers based on seasonal changes in the availability of ingredients, suitable temperatures for fermentation and conditioning, and least of all the taste preferences of the season. While in modern times we see that most ingredients are available […]

Grisette: The Miner’s Saison

It’s no secret to my family and friends; Saison is one of my absolute favorite styles.  While I love classic examples of this style such as Saison Dupont, this is a style that has a lot of room to experiment, improvise and innovate. Like many classic styles, there are several regional and cultural variations. As […]

J.B.’s Homebrew Journey: Some thoughts on upgrades, gadgets, and processes

A matter of perspective One of my favorite things about homebrewing is that it naturally builds on itself with time, knowledge, and collaboration…not to mention some additional cash. I’d like to share my favorite tools and processes that have helped me brew and create a better end product (beer). Many of these will be covered […]

Spring Style Perspective: India-Style Session Ale (ISA)

First, a word about Beer Styles and Why We Care Beer styles are sometimes seen as ever-evolving beasts that beguile brewers and beer lovers alike. Some see these as arbitrary parameters that can stifle creativity and limit the individual expression of brewers. I tend to see them, like many BJCP judges, as a tool to […]