“American Stowaway” White IPA

New American Hops meets French Farmhouse Yeast Belgian beers seem to be all the rage for American craft brewers. Keeping with the hallmarks of drinkability, or “digestible” as the belgians would say, and distinctive yeast derived flavors, their arguably one of the most approachable families of beer styles. In truth, only beers produced in Belgian […]

Admiral’s Reserve Russian Imperial Stout

Inspiration can come from a lot of places for homebrewers, but sometimes it is as simple as the favorite beer or beer style of a colleague or family member. Over the years it has always brought me a lot of joy to craft a recipe after someone’s favorite style or commercial beer and see just […]

“Guzzle Bunny” American Pale Ale

Guzzle Bunny Pale Ale is a go-to recipe in my house. It was inspired way back in 2009 when i was first dating my wife and she lived in Seattle. We both developed a love for dependable, fresh, drinkable, hop-forward Pale Ales of the Northwest and this version has never let me down. If you’re […]

Tale of Two Ales: Pumpkin Porter and American Amber

Pumpkin Ales can be love/hate relationship for many craft beer drinkers. Personally, I love all things fall, including pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin scented candles, and … pumpkin beers.  In recent years, the commercial market has been saturated with this fall seasonal, and regrettably many of them are little more than amber ales with pumpkin pie […]

Big Ron’s Cabin Oatmeal Stout

This recipe was constructed for a very special trip this summer to my wife’s family cabin  outside of Jackson Hole, WY.  My father-in-law, Big Ron, has always been a fan of flavorful dark beers, so we set out to make a great stout that could be shared with the whole family. After years of experimenting […]