“Guzzle Bunny” American Pale Ale

Guzzle Bunny Pale Ale is a go-to recipe in my house. It was inspired way back in 2009 when i was first dating my wife and she lived in Seattle. We both developed a love for dependable, fresh, drinkable, hop-forward Pale Ales of the Northwest and this version has never let me down. If you’re interested in a yeast comparison experiment i did with this beer recently, check out the blog tab of this website.

As always, pay close attention to the quality of ingredients you use. This recipe relies heavily on top-quality malts and fresh aromatic hops.

Guzzle Bunny” APA (12 gl Final, 90-Minute boil):Grain (~77% Efficiency, Mash @ 154F for 1 Hour+ 15min Recirculation, Chlorine Filtered H2O w/ 1Tblsp CaCl2 and CaSO4)

  • 18# (75%) British Maris Otter (Crisp)
  • 3# (13%) German Vienna
  • 1.5# (6%) Dingemens Cara 45 (Crystal 40)
  • 1# (4%) Weyermann Carahell (Crystal 11)
  • 0.5# (2%) Dingemans Biscuit

Hops (42IBU, Quantites for 12 gl)

  • 1.5oz, Comet, 11.3% AA, 90 min BKO (Before Knock Out)
  • 2oz, Zythos, 9% AA, 15 min BKO
  • 2oz, Centennial, 9% AA, 5 min BKO
  • 2oz, Chinook, 11% AA, Whole in Whirlpool
  • 1oz, Zythos, 9% AA, Dry Hop 2 days before kegging
  • 1oz, Centennial, 9% AA, Dry Hop 2 days before kegging

Extra: Irish Moss, Wyeast Nutrient

Yeast: WLP060 American Ale Blend w/ Starter (Primary for 6-14 days depending on yeast)

O.G. 1.0525, F.G. 1.009, ~5.7%abv