The Shop

Bottoms Up Homebrew is a full service beer and wine making supply shop, with a wide range of equipment and ingredients. First time homebrewers can learn more or get anything you need – including brewing equipment or ingredient kits. Veteran brewers finally have a local store to get their ingredients without having to drive north or order online. Our retail shop has a wide variety of base malts, specialty grains, hop varietals, liquid and dry yeasts, hardware and more.

Home Brewing Equipment

Add to your current brewing setup or outfit a new system with equipment we have available in store. Bottoms Up has stainless steel brew kettles, glass beakers, hoses, brushes, funnels, grain bags, false bottoms, fittings and more. Feel free to call first to check if the hardware you need is something we carry regularly.

Brewing Ingredients

We carry regular and organic grains, wide variety of hops, liquid and dry yeast, malt extract, adjuncts, spices and more. Full selection of base malts and specialty grains. Come weigh them out in store and get them crushed in our mill. 2 Row, pale malts, carapils, chocolate malts and many more are available to brew everything from IPA’s to stouts. Wine making ingredients are also available.

Beer Kits

In house beer ingredient kits and pre-packaged kits from breweries such as Rogue include everything you will need to brew up a batch of beer and are available in different beer styles (porter, pale ale, wheat beer, ipa etc.). Wine and cheese kits are also available. Our staff can also help you put your own recipe together with ingredients from the shop.

Kegging & Dispensing

Tired of cleaning, filling and capping dozens of bottles every time your beer is finished? Move up to kegging your beer and enjoy delicious homebrew beer on draft whenever you want. Everything from CO2 tanks, stainless steel 5 gallon kegs and all the hardware you need is available at Bottoms Up.

Wine Making

Not a big beer fan? We can help change that! In the meantime you can get wine making supplies and ingredients at the shop as well. We even have cheese making kits available.


Want to know what you’re getting in too or learn a bit more about brewing beer before jumping in? We have a good selection of books to both get you started or take your brewing skills to the next level.


Introductory brewing classes as well as more advanced classes are available and check our schedule online. This is a great way to get hands on in a small group and really learn about the process of homebrewing and meet fellow brewers.

Jockey Box Rental

Have an event and don’t have enough taps? Let us help! We have 1,2 & 4 tap jockey boxes available for rent. Jockey box rentals come with all the equipment you need to dispense your commercial or homebrewed beers. If you’re serving commercial beer please provide the brand of beer to make sure we have the keg taps you need. Serving beer through a jockey box does not eliminate the need for chilled kegs. Your beer will need to be at least 55 degrees in order to serve the perfect pint. In other words you still need ice and a bin to hold your kegs which in most cases can be supplied by the place where you’re purchasing your beer. A deposit is required upon pick up. Please call for pricing.

Here’s what you get with our Jockey Box Rental.
Jockey Box of your choice
Full Co2 Tank + Regulator
Gas Splitter (Jockey Box w/ 2+ Taps)
Keg Taps
What You Don’t Get
– Ice
– Keg Bins

Wine Equipment Rental

This year (2014) we’ll have a Destemmer/ Crusher & Press for rent for those of you making wine from grapes. Destemmer/ Crusher will be manually operated and process up to 1 ton in an hour with help from a friend. Our press will be a 40L Bladder Press and can juice either grapes or crushed apples to make cider. According to the manufacturer you can press up to 100-200lbs of grapes. We’ll also have a manually operated Apple Crusher/ Pulper and Smaller Fruit Press for small batches.